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Shaking-HandsOur firm only practices in one area of law – Eminent Domain. Our goal is to be the best eminent domain lawyers in the state of Florida. Focusing our practice in one specialized area of law allows us to be on the cutting edge of eminent domain laws and build key relationships with decision makers who ultimately make compensation decisions for our clients. Our approach is simple: obtain the highest and best compensation result for our clients whether through settlement or trial. Our experienced attorneys will aggressively work to do just that in handling your eminent domain case.

You will never pay a fee for our services. Our attorney’s fees are paid directly by the government based solely on the result we achieve for our clients. There is no catch. You will never receive a bill from us and your compensation will not be less because you hired an attorney.

Eminent Domain laws are complex, but hiring an attorney is easy. If you are ready to have someone fighting for your property rights, call or email us today for a complimentary case assessment with one of our attorneys.