“I know it has been a while since you handled my case with FDOT but I just want to thank you and Mary for the time and effort that the two of you put into my case. At one time you and I joked about how you can spend as much time on a small case as a big one. I know that’s how it was with mine. As a business owner I took notice of the time and patience both of you took to answer my questions and get what I believe was the best possible settlement.”

Langdon Stanley

“I am writing to thank you for the effort and commitment you and your fabulous assistant put forth in my case. I am extremely happy with the results of your effort, but even more appreciative of the professionalism, attentive nature, and courtesy I experienced. I cannot say that I have ever enjoyed working with an attorney and been as comfortable and confident ever before.”

N. Richard Namay, D.D.S.

“The turning point for me was when you took the time to visit my property and have what I thought was a sincere and realistic discussion of the case. After your visit, I felt very confident that my wishes and concerns would be professionally represented and presented during negotiations.”

Michael L. Eisenhart

“I want to thank you and Prineet for the great job you did for us. Please let Prineet know we appreciate what he did for us and the patience and professionalism he had with us. Tell him we say hello and wish him much success. We would highly recommend him.”

Nilda and Manuel Galarza